All flowers lift their hands to praise the sun—
raising their lauds at dawn, their sexts at noon
and vespers when the dwindling day is done—
but the sea bends her knees to the moon.
Such is the worship of waves
and the liturgy of leaves.
But what of human kings, usurpers, slaves?—
the great chain of being claimed by glory thieves.
Wing, fin, root, and hoof—all followed Adam’s lead.
As kings’ actions set whole realms to war,
one man’s revolt recast the creed
and made enemies of the sea and shore.
We rule an earth of splintered loyalties
and crown a thousand hollow royalties.

Liturgy of Hours: Lauds were prayers offered at dawn, Sexts were prayers offered at noon, and Vespers were offered at sunset.
Romans 1:18-32: passage referring to the idea that human beings have traded the worship of God for the worship of created things.
Romans 8:18-25: a passage speaking of how the earth is subject to frustration because of human sin and longs for the consummation of the plan of God which will release it from its bondage to decay and death.
Lament for Michal: another poem from this blog with similar themes.