God, our only witness, takes delight
And whispers, “Lovers, drink deep your fill,
For I made this both wholesome and right;
The pleasures are mine which overspill
Into your bed. Listen and grow wise:
Married love is pleasing in my sight,
And what I call good do not despise.
But this is to whet your appetite,
Not a full meal to make you complete
But a foretaste of divinity.
In this life take all you wish and eat;
Stir your hunger for eternity.
Do not forget me in this, my priests,
And you will enjoy eternal feasts.” 


Song of Solomon 5:1
1 Timothy 4:3
Ecclesiastes 2:10–11
Ecclesiastes 3:11
1 Peter 2:9
Isaiah 25:6

The book from which this poem was taken can be purchased directly from the publisher here, or from Amazon.com.